Facebook: myth and reality

Facebook itself presents his website in the media as some kind of social hub, which aggregates other platforms. It is a bit difficult to watch behind the image, but in reality Facebook works not as a second internet. The overall activity of Facebook users is to upload photos to the network. They doing this within Facebook itself, but also with Whatsapp and Instagram. As a result, Facebook wants to control the content. That is the reason, why Facebook is not searchable with Google. So it is not a standard-website, it is more a app like Snapchat which is executed in the browser.

Other activities which are in theory also possible inside Facebook like updating the profil page, playing games, sending textmessages are technical possible but are not widely used by the users. For example, the groups feature of Facebook consists only a small amount of traffic and most of them is only URL based which references to content outside of Facebook. The daily send message inside Facebook are according to latests numbers around 500 million per day. That is compared to twitter less important, and compared to the daily submitted e-mails worldwide nothing.

If we want to describe Facebook in one sentence, it is a luxury version of Instagram. The other features inside Facebook like the marketplace, the internal search engine, the news aggregation for major newspapers and the video feature are all implemented and they are working, but outside of Facebook are much better services available which were used by the users heavily. For example, the Reddit website has today around 250M members which are doing all the day commenting existing website outside of reddit.

Is Facebook a useful website and a market leader? Yes, if someone wants upload his personal photos and sends them to a circle with around 100 friends, than Facebook is the number one in the internet. But if somebody wants to create his own blog, needs a searchengine, wants to upload videos to the overall world or sending e-mails, than Facebook is not the best choice.

The most interesting aspect in the reception of Facebook is, that Facebook is not a newspaper hub. It is right, that nearly all newspapers and tv-studios have a facebook page, and that their newsfeed is accessible inside Facebook. But it is the same content which is available outside of Facebook in the normal internet. It is created by the newspapers, not by facebook or their users. So this special feature of Facebook can be ignored, because a newsfeed can be redirected to every other website, for example to Reddit or to an E-Mail provider too.

Let us watch a bit how Facebook marketings works. Usually the website is called an hub for anything. But a more exact marketing for Facebook would be to promote only the aspect of photo-uploading. That is the core function of the site, what their users are really doing. The problem is not, that Facebook calls themself best-of-the-best. That is doing by all companies. The problem is, that Facebook isn’t aware the difference between photo uploading and the rest of Facebook. Perhaps the reason is, that the company wants to hold all doors open for further grow.

The reason why media company are so euphoric about Facebook is simple. They are seeing in the tech-gigant a friend to fight against google. Usually, the newsfeed of a journal is visible in Google news. That is something, what the media-companies don’t like. What they want is become a friend of the users. And this option is delivered by Facebook. What the media companies wants, is to go into the closed-facebook world which is no longer searchable with Google. So they have more control about their contents and the payments of the users. Facebook is the realization of the MSN Microsoft network.

But, in reality the user can run in a second browser tab a new instance of the internet with access to Google. So that the idea of building a closed world will not work. And if competitors like Snapchat grow, Facebook will loose his target users, so the risk is high to loose all.