Switching comments on


One week ago, I switched off all comments and Like buttons here in the wordpress blog. The idea was to get more comments. This didn’t work very well. I wondered why most “we have deactivated all comments” sessions are ended after some weeks, now I know the answer. It is not a good idea, to redirect all traffic to Facebook and Google plus. Realtime-communication with 2 billion people is not, what the ordinary blogger or author wants. So I have to made a second announcement: the comments are active again, also the Like and share buttons. This time the aim is the opposite. To get less traffic on Facebook but more here in the blog. Until the comment section under the old postings is reactivated it can take some time, because I must switch it manually online.

So why this new opinion? The initial effort to switching the comments off was driven by the idea to redirect the user interaction into Facebook’s social network. If the reader can’t anymore comment here, he is forced to do this on Facebook. The problem is, that social media are working different from blogs and forums, because they are bottom up focused. That means, a huge amount of people is interactively creating content all the time. It is a bad idea, to force anybody to adapt to this working style. :The result is chaotic.

The circulation speed for information inside Facebook is too high for this blog. It makes no sense, to discuss deeper topics with 2 sentences and a picture. The better alternative is too slow down the interaction. But with Facebook or Google Plus this isn’t possible. Both are designed as a realtime medium with a high interaction rate.


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