Bug: Google chrome is very slow

Since i used the cpulimit tool to restrict the cpu consumption of the Google chrome webbrowser his performance is slower then ever. Normal websites are taking 30 seconds and longer until they are loaded completely and youtube videoplayback contains interrupts and delayed audio fragments. What is the problem? The problem is, that cpulimit restricts the total amount of cpu power the application can consumes. It is like running the software within a 386’er simulator with a reduced Mhz speed. Everything works great, but slower then expected.

It is not a bug of cpulimit but of Google chrome. Because i can also run the textbrowser links with a cpulimit and no problems are there. The speed will stay the same, only with the GUI browser from Google a cpulimit environment is a major concern. Fixing the bug is simple: Google has to improve their sourcecode to render the webcontent more quickly. Why haven’t they do so? We don’t know. Perhaps it has to do with outdated compiler technology, obsolete frameworks and problems with different operating systems.


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