Step by step tutorial for creating a Reddit post

Creating a Reddit post is very easy. It’s not important to adapt to the Reddit community but to the blogosphere located outside the website. In the following example the task is to create a snippet in tribute to the Wikinews project. The idea is to filter, aggregate and evaluate content which is already there. The first thing to do is to search for the original information. We found the piece of information in a subsection of the wikinews discussion page. It’s about a new Wikipedia app under the Android operating system. We are reading the information carefully and decides that this is a headline with a global impact.

So we have to write a short note plus a title plus the URL: At the end is a small information about the creative commons license needed, because we want that our Reddit post can be distributed in the internet. Before the post is submitted we should take a look of the design in the Reddit preview website which is located at

Let us summarize the workflow. We have selected a topic (Wikinews), we have identified a link which is fresh and we have written a Reddit post. Now it is time to upload the content to the original Reddit site. The upload is not very exciting and it’s done million times each day.

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