Book Review: Fuzzy logic with matlab

Sivanandam, S. N., Sai Sumathi, and S. N. Deepa. Introduction to fuzzy logic using MATLAB. Vol. 1. Berlin: Springer, 2007. Amazon Kindle Price is US$ 100

Let us describe what is wrong with the fuzzy book. The first thing to criticize is, that the license isn’t a creative commons one. That means, the content of the book can’t distributed over the internet freely which makes it the wrong choice as educational material. But suppose, the book should be used in a closed circle together with proprietary software. The next problem is, that only an introduction of Fuzzy logic was given, but it’s not explained how to create “fuzzy models”. Without a fuzzy model, it’s not possible to realize a concept which is called indirect control. This concept is needed for nearly all practical projects. As a result, the students will struggle to use the knowledge in the book for any useful application.

What me irritated most in the fuzzy book was, that it was written to support Fuzzy logic theory. Fuzzy sets are introduced as something which is here to stay. This kind of concept doesn’t make much sense. Fuzzy logic isn’t a scientific discipline, but an esoteric corpus with a non-mathematical background. The more interesting question is why Fuzzy thinking is not helpful.

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